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The National Alliance for Racial Justice and Human Rights

February 8, 2010 by NARJHR  
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Redefining Racial Justice| Racial Justice Allies and the Human Rights Activists are forging a new path to equity and racial justice and your support is critical.

Racial justice is at the core of many human rights movements, including the civil rights movement,  but too often these movements are unlinked. The US Human Rights Network and member organizations across the country are attempting to make a strong and unified link between racial justice and human rights by mobilizing, advocating, and changing policy by calling for a National Plan of Action on Racial Justice.


The NARJHR represents a cross sector of organizations and movements that calls on the government to fully implement the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination by taking pro-active steps to addressing racial discrimination. The National Action Plan for Racial Justice calls on the government to put forth a strategic 5 year plan to address racial disparities. The action plan represents a critical step in realizing and ensuring the human rights of all people in the United States. The NARJHR is composed of three distinct but inter-related working groups which are poised to organize and push the Obama Administration to create a National Action Plan.

Over the last five years a number of racial justice and human rights groups have been organizing to ensure the full implementation of the International Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.  In 2007, these groups joined forces with the USHRN to coordinate and submit a National Shadow Report to the United Nations Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination (see history for more on this effort).  Since their successful lobbying efforts other initiatives have formed to advance both CERD and human rights at home.  Each of these groups have important strategic objectives and each support the National Plan of Action on Human Rights and Racial Justice.

CERD Task force

Focus: Supports National and Local Implementation for CERD and Monitors Compliance

  • Passage of National Resolutions in support of National Action Plan
  • Compliance with CERD Concluding Observations
  • Racial Justice Working Group

    • Racial Justice Rapid Response Network

    Focus: Direct Action Organizing and Popular Education

    CERD Sub-group of the Blueprint campaign

    • Re-Establish the Inter-agency on Human Rights
    • Transforming the Civil Rights Commission to the Human Rights Commission

    Focus: Political Education and Lobbying  at the Congressional level

    Taking the Lead

    The USHRN is taking the lead  network is helping to coordinate the work of these groups in support of the National Action Plan on Racial Justice.  We encourage you to become part of this important moment and get involved in one of our core working groups.  On each page you will find a description of work  group and its particular objectives.  On this site you will also find resources and tool-kits to help support this important campaign.

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