Thursday, July 2, 2020

Universal Periodic Review Process

To find out more about the UPR process and to become involved please visit our wiki


To Submit Testimony, Please Contact the a Coordinator Below Structural Reports · Convention on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination CERD Taskforce (Ramona Ortega, Treaty Ratification Coordinating organization – Human Rights Institute at Columbia Law School (JoAnn Ward,   Cluster Reports · Corporate Accountability Coordinating Organization: ESCR-Net (Niko Lusiani, NLUSIANI@ESCR-NET.ORG) · Criminal Justice Coordinating Organization: Just Detention International (Cynthia Totten, · Death Penalty Coordinating Organization: Northwestern University Law School (Sandra Babcock, 312-503-0114) · Disability Coordinating Organization: Center for the Human Rights of Users and Survivors of Psychiatry (Tina Minkowitz, · Education Coordinating Organization: Poverty & Race Research Action Council (Philip Tegeler, and Hanna Chouest, · Economic and Social Rights Coordinating Organization:  NESRI (Anja Rudiger, · Health and Health Care Coordinating Organization: The University of Dayton School of Law (Professor Vernellia Randall, · Housing Coordinating Organization: National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty (Eric Tars, (Including DV issues) · Macro-Economics Coordinating Organization: Center for Women’s Global Leadership (Radhika Balakrishnan & Margot Baruch, (Including the Economic crisis and budgeting) · Migrant Labor Rights Coordinating Organization:  University of Pennsylvania Law Clinic (Sarah Paoletti, · Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers Coordinating Organization: The Advocates for Human Rights (Jennifer Prestholdt, · Post-9/11 and National Security Issues Coordinating Organization: Center for Constitutional Rights (Menna Khalil, · Racial Profiling Coordinating Organization: Rights Working Group (Margaret Huang) · Reproductive Rights Coordinating Organization: Center for Reproductive Rights (Michelle Movahad, · Right to Work Coordinating Organization: Urban Justice Center (Ejim Dike, (impact of crisis on communities of color and women) · US Political Prisoners: Civil Rights / Cointel Pro Coordinating Organizers: Standish E. Willis & Efia Nwangaza Other issue areas groups have indicated they will be addressing in their individual organizational reports that may benefit from collaboration: · Domestic Violence (ACLU?, Four Freedoms Forum at UH , National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty) · Trafficking (MN Advocates for HR , Four Freedoms Forum at UH) · Human Rights Education (Human Rights Education Associates, Meiklejohn) · Indigenous Rights (Four Freedoms, Advocates for HR, IITC) Issues where more follow-up is needed to see if cluster reports develop: · Children’s Rights · Discrimination on the basis of Gender, Sexuality, and Sexual Orientation · Gulf Coast Working Group / Katrina

· Campaign for Domestic Human Rights: Blueprint / Civil Rights

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